The LumiBio service has been developed to support Health and Social Care Providers maintaining the very best level of infection control

This same service is now available to a wide range of additional markets

The most effective wrap around solution for Infection Control

Our active treatment eradicates COVID-19, on contact, and continues to eradicate for at least 5 days

The LumiBio service has been developed to support Health and Social Care Providers to maintain a clean, and safe infection controlled environment. Safe for patients and staff. We are now making this service available for wider use in a range of different markets.

The LumiBio Service

LumiBio service uses an ultrasonic dry misting system that reaches all surfaces, crevices and undersides, to give a protective coating. Our treatment is bacteriostatic and immediately penetrates the cell membrane. Working against specific targets the treatment prevents respiration, synthesis and reproduction causing comprehensive damage and cell death, whilst remaining safe to human contact.

The complex arrangement of anti-microbial compounds in our treatment provides outstanding results, with at least a 99.99% kill rate on all tested pathogens, including Covid-19

LumiBio maximum protection, no disruption to normal services

The LumiBio service is different to other disinfection systems, our products are used in live environments. It is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment, both natural and manmade. We do NOT use hydrogen peroxides, chlorines or bleaching agents it does not use UV light and it does not produce any harmful gas. Our product is pH neutral.

Because it is absolutely harmless each treatment is administered in your live environment, you don’t clear the room, move anybody or anything out or have to leave it a while before you re enter.

We calculate the cycle of treatments to ensure continuous defence. This provides additional security working alongside your traditional 
Infection Control methods.

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