The LumiBio service has been developed to support Health and Social Care Providers maintaining the very best level of infection control

This same service is now available to a wide range of additional markets

The most effective wrap around solution for Infection Control

Our active treatment eradicates Covid-19, on contact, and continues to eradicate for at least 5 days



Our team is committed to the neutralisation of healthcare associated infections. Our senior team is based in Stockport. We will shortly be supported by our 24/7 helpdesk, providing around the clock access and assistance should our clients require it.

The LumiBio service is a cabinet office Covid-19 listed partner and has been independently verified to eradicate Covid-19. 

Our field technicians are based in Northwest and Southwest of England. We will take charge of installations, management and maintenance of LumiBio products and replenishing as part of our managed service.

The Lumibio delivery system are exclusively provided by Intelligent Infection Control Services Limited, (IICS) which is part of the Equity Solutions Group of Companies (ESG). ESG are an approved NHS supplier and have a number of Partnership arrangements with the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care


Andrew Metcalfe

Andrew is a biotech specialist with 25 years experience working with major pharmaceutical companies such as MSD, GSK, Pfizer, Novartis amongst others, assisting leading research teams around the world in their drug discovery/ high throughput screening programmes. Primarily developing automated systems for ion channel research, he has worked with teams responsible for a number of product patents. His knowledge of the defence mechanisms of cells and proteins allows us to continually adapt to the challenges facing the modern healthcare environment.

Trudy Hall

Trudy has 25 years’ experience in the food and drinks industry, heading up microbiological testing, producing quality systems and industry accreditation. She has worked in association with all the major supermarkets for analysis and quality control as well as defining product specifications based on customer requirements. Her understanding of methods and regulations ensures full compliance with legislative measures.

Mark Wilding

Mark started his career as a mechanical engineer and changed direction into commercial Sales and Optoelectronics working as international Sales Manager in the early 1990’s. In 1999 Mark founded Lumier Ltd an Optoelectronic design and manufacturing company supplying and distributing LED lighting all over the world.

Gordon Bettany

Gordon is the special projects director, an experienced board level operator, Gordon has a strong commercial background. He is expert in understanding our Client base and their objectives. He takes responsibility for the creation of bespoke solutions, and helps us deal with supply and logistic challenges.

Kate Edwards

Kate has over 20 years experience of working within the NHS as a health economist and health care planner. Most recently working at a senior level within NHS Property Services, Kate has extensive experience of working with NHS operational delivery teams, clinicians, infection control, and estates and facilities management teams ensuring that best practice and continuous service improvement strategies are implemented.


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