The LumiBio service has been developed to support Health and Social Care Providers maintaining the very best level of infection control

This same service is now available to a wide range of additional markets


Our Active Treatment eradicates covid-19, on contact, and continues to eradicate for at least 5 days


The most effective wrap around solution for Infection Control, delivered by a Cabinet Office listed COVID-19 support partner.


Infection control and the systems adopted are the key defence for the control of all infection transmission in your clinical, residential, or Public Access environment.

Most Clinical or Care orientated guidance is based upon physical barriers and zoning, cleaning regimes using aggressive bleach based products and the highly localised use of PPE.

Whilst these processes can be effective, they require meticulous management and are time sensitive with regard to effectiveness. For example, a bleach based cleaning product removes pathogens when applied, but 1 hour later re infection can take place. Using bleach based products also has a number of serious and hazardous side effects, bleach is aggressive, it eats away at any surface it touches and repeated application can damage electrical systems, soft furnishings, clothing and it’s easily transferred by human contact.

Other methods which use Ozone Generators or UV light systems carry their own, quite considerable health risks.

All of these methods require an environment clear of any Human occupation and sensitive electrical equipment and they all, without exception can cause damage to surfaces, electrical cables, rubber hoses and connections. They also require extensive PPE or access risk control measures during and after treatment cycles.

The treatment cycles are therefore invasive, they take time, they remove access to facilities and they do leave a residual risk. They also do not tend to be linked to a regular swab testing regime to demonstrate efficacy.

The general public are becoming increasingly aware of the risks associated with these methods, it would be reasonable to assume there will be some negative response to their repeated use.

We provide an all-encompassing Infection Control system. Our system is absolutely harmless and will have no adverse effect for your patients, the environment and your buildings. It is PH neutral and does not contain any bleach or bleaching agents, it does not use UV light and it does not produce any harmful gas.

Our system has a kill rate of at least 99.99% on all tested pathogens and once a full treatment cycle has been administered it’s active for at least 24 hours. Our system works on all surfaces, hard and soft, including clothing, PPE and furniture. 

However our treatment cycle takes place without any need for anyone or anything to vacate the space.

Because it is absolutely harmless each treatment is administered in your live environment, you don’t clear the room, move anybody or anything out or have to leave it a while before you re enter.

We calculate the cycle of treatments to ensure continuous defence. This provides additional security working alongside your traditional Infection Control methods.

We administer each treatment using our dry mist units, which are unobtrusive, silent and don’t require any special installation other than a 13 amp socket. The dry mist system is the most effective method of distribution and will quickly reach all surfaces, undersides, crevices as well as all the areas normally covered by your cleaning regime, which should continue.

Before we commence any treatment we survey your spaces, we look at the use of each space and the spacial volume and we then calculate your treatment cycle.

Our field team maintain the dry mist units and we ensure they are always replenished to maintain your treatment cycle.

When we survey your space we also agree with you a cycle of swab testing so that we can demonstrate the efficacy, provide you with confidence and provide your Patients, Clients and Staff with confidence as well.

Our field team carry out the swab testing as part of our normal maintenance programme.

We are a listed Cabinet Office COVID-19 supplier and we have reserved our capacity for here in the UK where we are based.

We know we can make a real difference to your Infection Control outcomes and we would be happy to show you. Contact us to arrange your site specific demonstration.

Our treatment cycle will:

  • Reduce the risk of infection
  • Reduce the risk of outbreak infection
  • Reduce the risk of antimicrobial resistance 
  • Improve patient, resident and staff comfort with no interruption to care, no safety concerns or side effects 
  • No interruption means less down time and more time for care
  • Our system will integrate with all of your existing systems without any adjustment
  • We reduce the environmental impact, we have a small carbon footprint and we help reduce your overall environmental impact

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Having a ‘protected by LumiBio’ symbol in your premises will soon be recognised as a Quality mark for Infection Control.


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