Lumibio can help dentists to effectively kill bacteria and control the spread of infection.


Infection control addresses factors related to the spread of infections within the healthcare setting (whether patient-to-patient, from patients to staff and from staff to patients, or among-staff), including prevention, monitoring/investigation of demonstrated or suspected spread of infection within a particular health-care setting common title being adopted within health care is “infection prevention and control.”

Dentists need to work in hygienic conditions as the spread of infection through the mouth is a constant danger.

Ensuring the safety of dental patients is a real concern.

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Lumibio Products


LumiChem and LumiBio have been tested in separate independent laboratories. We were able to demonstrate significant reduction in pathogen count.

LumiChem >>>

LumiChem has been specifically designed for use with LumiBio and LumiBio mini. The complex arrangement of antimicrobial compounds gives outstanding results without the hazards generally associated with sanitizing systems.

LumiBio >>>

Made from stainless steel, the contemporary design of LumiBio allows it to fit in to any modern décor. Designed to be unobtrusive in use, it only requires filling up and turning on to provide a high level of protection to the immediate surroundings.

LumiBio Mini >>>

LumiBio mini is the compact version of LumiBio for use in vehicles where space is at a premium but contamination is still a risk. Providing peace of mind to passengers and crew, LumiBio mini is only suitable for vehicle use.