LumiChem and LumiBio have been tested in seperate independent laboratories

LumiBio providing maximum protection against healthcare associated infections



LumiBio provides an Anti-Microbial managed service.

We provide our managed service, at point of need, using our dry vapour system to distribute LumiChem. LumiChem is our own formula. It is an environmentally friendly chemical, administered via a dry delivery system that when in use immediately attacks a wide range of targeted pathogens

Using an ultrasonic dry misting system, all surfaces, crevices and undersides are given a protective coating of LumiChem. LumiChem is bacteriostatic and immediately penetrates the cell membrane. Working against specific targets LumiChem prevents respiration, synthesis and reproduction causing comprehensive damage and cell death, whilst remaining safe to human contact.

The complex arrangement of anti-microbial compounds in Lumichem provides outstanding results, with at least a 99.9% kill rate on all tested pathogens.

However, where we differ from other disinfection services is that our product is used in a live environment, it is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment, both natural and manmade.

We do NOT use hydrogen peroxides, chlorines or bleaching agents, our product is pH neutral.

To assess your specific requirements, we carry out a series of steps.

Our managed service follows our installation and operation protocol. These are the eight key areas:

Our service is normally based upon a fixed price per m³ per month. The actual price is calculated as a result of the completion of our installation and operation protocol.

We also carry out Staff Training for your team and support your communication needs as required, explaining what we are doing.


We are urgently arranging testing of our product to demonstrate the kill rate on coronavirus. However, we believe, on an informed basis, that this pathogen will be neutralised on surfaces by LumiChem. Our confidence is based upon a Microbiotic analysis of the data available together with the knowledge that Lumichem has properties designed to degrade the lipid envelope of viruses like coronavirus and render them ineffective. Our Infection control service should be considered as another effective real time defence for environments in which vulnerable cohorts may dwell.



  1. Non-toxic to humans and animals – can be used in occupied rooms/waiting areas
  2. No Peroxides, Chlorines or Bleaching agents – will not degrade fabrics, plastics or metals
  3. pH Neutral – No corrosive properties
  4. 5–log
  5. Safe on Electrical equipment – No need to remove sensitive equipment
  6. Unattended use – Frees staff to perform other duties
  7. Vaporising technology – Reaches all surfaces including the hard to reach crevices’ and undersides
  8. Broad spectrum activity – kills both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
  9. Residual action–gives lasting protection


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