The LumiBio service has been developed to support Health and Social Care Providers maintaining the very best level of infection control

This same service is now available to a wide range of additional markets

The most effective wrap around solution for Infection Control

Our Active treatment eradicates covid-19, on contact, and continues to eradicate for at least 5 days



LumiBio provides an Anti-Microbial managed service.

We provide our managed service, at point of need, using our dry vapour system. Our treatment is administered via a dry delivery system that when in use immediately attacks a wide range of targeted pathogens

Using an ultrasonic dry misting system, all surfaces, crevices and undersides are given a protective coating. Our treatment is bacteriostatic and immediately penetrates the cell membrane. Working against specific targets our treatment prevents respiration, synthesis and reproduction causing comprehensive damage and cell death, whilst remaining safe to human contact.

The complex arrangement of anti-microbial compounds provides outstanding results, with at least a 99.999% kill rate on all tested pathogens.

However our treatment cycle takes place without any need for anyone or anything to vacate the space.

Because it is absolutely harmless each treatment is administered in your live environment, you don’t clear the room, move anybody or anything out or have to leave it a while before you re enter.

We calculate the cycle of treatments to ensure continuous defence. This provides additional security working alongside your traditional Infection Control methods.

We administer each treatment using our dry mist units, which are unobtrusive, silent and don’t require any special installation other than a 13 amp socket. The dry mist system is the most effective method of distribution and will quickly reach all surfaces, undersides, crevices as well as all the areas normally covered by your cleaning regime, which should continue.

To assess your specific requirements, we carry out a series of steps.

Our managed service follows our installation and operation protocol. These are the eight key areas:

Our service is normally based upon a fixed price per m³ per month. The actual price is calculated as a result of the completion of our installation and operation protocol.

We also carry out Staff Training for your team and support your communication needs as required, explaining what we are doing.


Our treatments has been independently verified by a leading MicroBiology research team, based at the University of Alberta, Canada. Our treatment eradicates Covid-19 on contact and provides an active protective layer that continues to eradicate Covid-19 for at least 5 days. In addition our treatment whilst eradicating any pathogen present, does not cause any harm to any carrying cell structure, demonstrating the safe nature of the treatment. Our Infection control service should be considered as another effective real time defence for environments in which vulnerable cohorts may dwell.


You can find us on the COVID-19 Crown Commercial Website, ID B4217. Contact us now to arrange a demonstration.




1. Non-toxic to humans and animals – can be used in occupied rooms/waiting areas

2. No Peroxides, Chlorines or Bleaching agents – will not degrade fabrics, plastics or metals

3. pH Neutral – No corrosive properties

4. At least 5–log

5. Safe on Electrical equipment – No need to remove sensitive equipment

6. Unattended use – Frees staff to perform other duties

7. Vaporising technology – Reaches all surfaces including the hard to reach crevices’ and undersides

8. Broad spectrum activity – kills both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria

9. Residual action–gives lasting protection

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